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Dreamweavers is excited to partner with Milestone Therapy, Inc. to provide Occupational Therapy Services at Lil' Dreamers Preschool! 

What is Occupational Therapy? 

Occupational therapy includes all the activities that occupy people’s time and give meaning to their daily lives.  For young children, these activities can be as small as tying a shoe, or playing catch.

Pediatric Occupational Therapists assess and treat:

  • Sensory processing disorders.

  • Improve upper extremity muscle strength, endurance, range of motion, coordination, fine motor abilities and function.

  • Address and treat visual motor integration disorders.

  • Address self-care skills.

  • Work on social and peer interaction skills.

  • Address feeding concerns and help to introduce new foods and textures to broaden diet.  

  • Provide education to caregivers.

  • Consult with other professionals regarding the role of occupational therapy and how it can improve the child’s daily life.

  • Collaborate with caregivers and child to create effective carry-over from the therapy session to home.

Does my child need Occupational Therapy?

Determining if your child needs occupational therapy can be difficult, but here are some signs your child may benefit from occupational therapy:

  • They seem to have below average hand strength and/or tire easily while doing fine motor tasks.
  • They are overly sensitive or emotional to sensory stimulation including touch, textures, tastes, sound, and movement.
  • They are under responsive with decreased reactions to movement, touch, sound, or have unusually low emotional responses.
  • They have trouble with writing including pushing too hard or not hard enough, not being able to develop and maintain a good grasp on the pencil, and having trouble with size and spacing of their letters.
  • They have trouble learning how to dress themselves.
  • They have difficulty completing visual motor activities.​