2003 – Dreamweavers opened out of the Huffstetler home as an Early Intervention provider with one consumer, one staff, and one service.

2005 – Started CAP MR/DD Waiver services - Now called Innovations Waiver Services.

2007 - Started Music Therapy Program; Participated in the first Walk Now for Autism at the Charlotte Motor Speedway and raised $5,000 for Autism Speaks

2008 – Started Speech Therapy Services; Named Outstanding Provider by Pathways for MR/DD Waiver Services; Offered first Autism Awareness Fair at Martha Rivers Park.

2009 - Awarded 3 yr Accreditation by CARF for Community Based Waiver Services

2011 - Started Lil' Dreamers Preschool; first DreamFest for Autism Awareness at Stowe Park in Belmont

2012 - Awarded 3 yr Re-Accreditation by CARF for Community Based Waiver Services

2013 - Dreamweavers celebrated its 10-year anniversary.  Dreamweavers now serves over 230 consumers, has over 65 staff, and provides 4 services that are growing every day!

2014 - Strengthening our community connections by participating in the Rotary Community Garden and initiating the inception of a monthly Sensory Story Time for people with I/DD at the Gaston Co Public Library.

"We believe that with God, all things are possible!"

Matthew 19:26


We participate in and provide opportunities for our consumers to participate in many community events.

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Mitch and Betsy at Mitch's first prom!

our history

There are days in your life you will never forget. For me, the day was July 23, 1997. That was the day I was told my 1-year-old son, Mitch, was "definitely delayed, possibly mentally retarded, and probably autistic."

My world was shattered until I realized my little boy hadn't changed at all. I loved him just  as much after the diagnosis of autism as I did before. Someday I believe Mitch will share  his dreams with me.

In the words of Robert Browning, "A man's reach should exceed his grasp, or what's a heaven for." We intend to keep reaching for the stars! Join us!"


Betsy Huffstetler


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